Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Site update

Perhaps a bit late, but I finally found the time to update my website. No change in the lay-out, but there are some changes in the structure. It now has a clear division between scripts for Blender 2.4 and scripts for Blender 2.5. I've also written an instruction page on how to use Add-Ons in 2.5.

Besides this structural change I've also created pages for two of the scripts I've written in the past months. The first is Index Visualizer, which I discussed in the previous post.
The second script is Icon Display, which shows all the icons that are available in Blender. The code behind this functionality is interesting in that it calls the source-file in which all icons are defined. It then parses this file and displays the icons using the names in the file. Further point of interest is the dynamic creation of operators. This might look pretty easy, but actually has some restrictions. You can't use setattr() and can't create them from within the register() function. I've written a full explanation of this, including sample code, on the blender wiki.

For normal Blender users the Icon Display script is of course not very interesting, but for script-developers looking for a usable icon (or the name of a specific one) it can be pretty useful.

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